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Voices of Freedom: Romania at the LBF 2024

Wor(l)ds without Borders. New Romanian Books in English

Our series of events organized in connection with Romania's participation in the London Book Fair 2024 ended at the Barbican Library with SWORDS. This was an initiative full of Bucharest spoken words, curated by Cosmin Perța and Iulian Morar. The event brought together musicians, poets, actors, multimedia artists and performers, in speaking sessions. Cosmin Perța and Iulian Morar presented Love & War, accompanied by the performance of Elena Vlădăreanu, Florentin Popa and Mădălina Căuneac.

Romania's participation in LBF 2024 was organized by the National Book Center of the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, with the support of the Romanian Embassy, the Conway Hall, the Barbican Library, the Association of Romanian Publishers and the Ministry of Culture. The project was financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Photographs from the event by Alex Coman


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