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Voices of Freedom: Romania at the LBF 2024

Wor(l)ds without Borders. New Romanian Books in English

As part of Romania's 14th participation in the London Book Fair, the Romanian Cultural Institute in London presented some recent translations from Romanian to English. The selection included:

· Matei Vișniec’s Dinner with Marx translated by Adam J. Sorkin & Lidia Vianu (New Meridian Arts, 2023);

· Max Blecher’s Transparent Body & Other Texts translated by Gabi Reigh (Twisted Spoon Press, 2024);

· Emilian Galaicu Păun’s Canting Arms translated by Adam J. Sorkin together with Diana Manole, Lidia Vianu, Claudia Serea, Rareșa Galaicu, Cristina Cîrstea Danilov and Ștefania Hirtopanu (Deep Vellum, 2024);

· Liliana Corobca’s Kinderland translated by Monica Cure (Seven Stories Press, 2023);

· Norman Manea’s Exiled Shadow translated by Carla Baricz (Yale University Press, 2023).

Writer and journalist Marius Chivu moderated the conversation with writer and researcher Liliana Corobca, writer and critic Bogdan Crețu, translator Gabi Reigh and playwright, poet and journalist Matei Vișniec.

Romania's participation in LBF 2024 is organized by the National Book Center of the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, with the support of the Romanian Embassy, the Conway Hall, the Barbican Library, the Association of Romanian Publishers and the Ministry of Culture. The project is financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Photographs from the event by Alex Coman


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