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Voices from the Wall

Dacians and Romanians in Britain. Exhibition | Talk

The Dacians, the ancestors of Romanians, came to Britain nearly two thousand years ago to help build and defend the Hadrian’s Wall. In partnership with historian and writer Bronwen Riley and Arts Council England, we were delighted to open the exhibition Voices from the Wall, which replicates in 3D a section of the wall. The exhibition explores the legacy left by the Dacians in the North of England and puts it into the context of the current Romanian community in the UK. The exhibition was officially opened by HE Laura Popescu, Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom, in front of an audience formed of British archaeologists, historians, local people and members of the Romanian community from Cumbria and Scotland.

The Hadrian’s Wall, built when both Dacia and Britannia were part of the Roman Empire (both provinces causing trouble), is a symbol of the Roman power and one of the most significant historical landmarks in England. Archaeological evidence shows that the Dacians were responsible for the Birdoswald, a key section of the wall which is 117 km long. The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a talk and tour of Birdoswald attended by HE Laura Popescu and Aura Woodward, Director of Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

Voices from the Wall exhibition can be visited in Carlisle until the 26th March at the Carlisle Cathedral, Fratry Hall. In May, the exhibition will be presented in Manchester and later in London.

Photography Alex Coman


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