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Salut! Do you want to be friends?

Updated: Jan 30

On Saturday we had the pleasure of opening our doors to the Romanian children in the UK who took part in the wonderful project supported by #artscouncilengland entitled Salut! Do you want to be friends?

Developed by Poveşti spuse-n româneşte and - Acting For Life this is a way to go further and a success in the not-always-easy task of befriending Romanian kids in the UK with our language and making them proud of our shared heritage. Congratulations to Claudia Cirlig, Daniela Elena Ciupala, Beatrice Bowden, Andreea Rențea, Izabela Manolache, to Tessa Dunlop, Marina Debattista, Vasile Nedelcu, Andreea Helen David, an iron-strong team who little by little builds up confidence and guides our children towards a path that can only make them richer.

Photos by Furculesteanu Pontelli Daniel


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