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Portraits of Women. On Fragility and Strength

Film | Performance | Talk

Inspirational real-life stories of women from Romania who respond to challenges and adversity with resilience, innovation and strength! The Romanian Cultural Institute in London celebrated International Women’s Day with Ioana Flora, award-winning actress and women’s rights activist and Rucsandra Pop, anthropologist and author. They power the Fragile Society, a Romanian-based charity, which tackles major social issues through art.

We listened to three stories of women from different backgrounds who despite barriers, prejudice and hardship have managed to find their voice. The evening concluded with a conversation with Ioana and Rucsandra moderated by Aura Woodward, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, unpacking the need to give vulnerable women a platform and many questions and suggestions from the audience on creating networks of support for vulnerable women from Romania and beyond.

We thank Romanian Mothers in the UK and Romanian Women in the UK for their presence at the event and their support.

Photography by Inno Brezeanu.


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