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All’s Well That Ends

by Andreea Tănase

We celebrated WorldTheatreDay with an unlikely divorce party hosted by Daria - Nicoleta Marica and Radu - Gerardo Cabal in a most lively, humourous, yet profound performance of Andreea Tănase's "All's Well That Ends". The show is created by the British theater company Kibo Productions under the direction of Leo Bacica, the show stars the talented actors Nicoleta Marica (Romania) and Gerardo Cabal (Mexico). Following its London premiere in October 2023 at the Barons Court Theatre, the show was nominated for the prestigious Standing Ovation Award by London Pub Theatres.

"All's Well That Ends" is a play with two characters that invites the audience to the divorce party between Daria and Radu. The show takes us on a journey into the intimate universe of a couple's life, where the two celebrate together the most important moments of their existence. He loves beer and dogs, she's allergic, but they can have a whiskey together. After 11 years of marriage, the protagonists will, in turn, try to recall the pleasant and less pleasant moments, remembering with nostalgia, irony and humor everything that made them fall in love and start a journey together.

"All's well that ends"

by Andreea Tănase

Daria - Nicoleta Marica

Radu - Gerardo Cabal

Directed by Leonard Bacica

Andreea Tănase graduated from the Master's program in Dramatic Writing at the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș. In the summer of 2019, he participated in DRAMA 5 – a dramatic writing residency organized by Reactor de Creatie si Experiment in Cluj-Napoca. His play, "All's Well That Ends", was directed by Radu Nica and staged at Reactor de Creatie si Experiment in September 2019. In February 2020, he won the contemporary dramaturgy competition "Corneliu-Dan Borcia" with the play "98 %". (the right decision)," which was directed by Elena Morar and staged at the Youth Theater in Piatra Neamț. In July 2020, he won the prize in the monodrama section of the theater and literature competition organized by the Romanian Playwrights Theatre, the National Museum of Romanian Literature and the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest. Her play, a preliminary version of the monodrama "The Day I Married Myself", was edited online with actress Mirela Zeța in December 2020.

Leonard Bacica is a Romanian theater director and producer based in the United Kingdom. He made his debut in 2019 with the stage reading of "A Lost Letter", the English premiere of Caragiale's play "O scrireo piruța". Other productions include The Suicidal Dog and Laika by Cătălina Florescu (Finnish Institute in London, Dome Theater Birmingham, 2019 and online in 2020), The Crease by Kelly Jones (Theatro Technis, 2019), Unpack ” by Cătălina Florescu (The Wall Online Festival, 2021), “Siobhan” by Gariella Curtis (Reboot Festival 2021), “One Night Stand” by Marianne Kelly (Omnibus Theater & Barons Court Theatre, 2022), “Stan” by Kate Webster (Reboot Festival, 2022), "Force of Habit" by Roz Wylie, "Drawing Through the Microscope" by Janine Sobeck-Knighton and "All's Well That Ends" by Andreea Tănase (Barons Court Theater in 2023). The production of All's Well That Ends was nominated for a Standing Ovation Award by London Pub Theatres. Since 2021, Leonard Bacică is the executive director of the Barons Court Theatre.

Kibo Productions is a theater production company founded in London in 2013 by Sharon Willems and Leo Băcică. Kibo's productions include "Jonah" by Marin Sorescu (London, 2017 and USA, 2019), "Tea Set" by Gina Moxley (London 2014 and Edinburgh Festival 2015) and "The Big Things" by Mike Heath (Barons Court Theatre, 2018). Kibo Productions ran Teatro Technis in 2019 and has been managing Barons Court Theater since 2021. Kibo Productions also initiated and produced three editions of the Reboot Festival, London's largest short film festival. This spring they offer audiences no fewer than six original productions: Rob Burbidge's Still Life with Onions, Liam O'Brady's The Quest for Mongolian Death Worm, Melville Lovatt's The Distressed Table, Three Queens". ' by Ros Gravelle, 'Deaf as a Post' by Shaun Blaney and 'Sweet Nothings' by Raegan Payne - all at Barons Court Theatre.

A warm thank you to the amazing creative team and our public who filled our Enescu Hall once more!

Photography by Alex Coman


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