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A Peek into the Fascinating World of Opera

Bucharest National Opera House in the Enescu Concerts Series

We were thrilled to partner up with Opera Națională București / Bucharest National Opera to promote to London audiences the Bucharest Opera Festival, a unique platform for showcasing the most valuable opera and ballet companies from Romania and beyond.

 Our Enescu Room was filled with more than 170 music lovers who were delighted to listen to two of the most acclaimed soloists of the Bucharest National Opera, soprano Marta Sandu Ofrim and tenor Daniel Magdal accompanied by charismatic pianist Alexandru Burca.

In the opening of the recital, musicologist Oltea Șerban Pârâu spoke about this year's edition of the Festival, her introduction being followed by a documentary about the Festival in 2023.

As always, we are grateful to our wonderful public and to the amazing musicians who graced our stage!

Photographs by Alex Coman


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