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Brâncuși Unpacked. His Grand Exhibitions

Updated: Mar 10

An illustrated talk on the life and masterpieces of Constantin Brâncuși

Celebrating #Brâncuși at The Romanian Cultural Institute in London!

We were delighted to welcome a wide and diverse audience last night to unpack the genius of the Romanian sculptor, considered a pioneer of modernism. Doina Lemny, who curated two major exhibitions of Brâncuși, was joined by Dr Matthew Gale, the co-curator of the latest Brancusi exhibition at Tate Modern, David Grob, one of the biggest collectors of photographs taken by Brancusi himself and Ovidiu Șandor, art collector and art commissioner.

"His groundbreaking carvings introduced abstraction and primitivism into sculpture for the first time, and were as important as Picasso’s paintings to the development of modern art." Tate Modern

Many thanks to photographers Constantin Duma and Alexandru Radu Popescu for offering Romanian Cultural Institute in London astonishing photographs from the 2023 Brancusi exhibition in Timisoara, which we exhibited on the night. We are also grateful to Timișoara 2023 for their support.

Photographs from the event Alex Coman



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